Tri Flow Superior Dry Lubricant- 2oz Drip



Tri Flow Superior Dry Lubricant is an elite formula created for dry and dusty conditions. The drip bottle application, with a convenient straw, allows for deep penetration in hard to reach moving parts. Featuring paraffin wax and high-grade petroleum oil to allow the lube to go on wet, but then set up in a dry, 'wax-like' film so it will not attract or absorb grit and grime. Perfect for dry, dirty, dusty conditions, while still providing adequate wet weather performance. Holds up to extreme pressures and resisits water wash-off. Provides incredible effiency without attracting an excessive amount of contaminants.


  • Drip bottle application
  • Elite formula created for dry and dusty conditions
  • features paraffin wax
  • High grade petroleum oils
  • Resists grit and grime and water wash-off
  • Adequate wet weather performance
  • Extreme pressures


Type of Lubricant Drip
Quantity 2oz drip bottle
Manufacture Tri Flow
Weight 2oz
Warranty None
Sku 301-126

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Tri Flow Superior Dry Lubricant- 2oz Drip