Tippmann Straightline Barrel System



The Tippmann Straightline Barrel System is a gun-drilled barrel that incorporates spiral rifling to enhance ball rotation for improved ball flight and unmatched accuracy. It includes three seamless connection seizers (.688, .686 and .683), which can be used to match the dimensions of a paintball to barrel radius for optimal air efficiency. It also features a removable, military-style muzzle break with reverse porting to enhance performance and provide an authentic look. The StraightLine Barrel System will fit all shrouds and foregrips for Tippmann's A-5 markers and is compatible with 98 Custom markers.


  • 16 inch long barrel
  • Deluxe padded case provides protection for barrel and seizers
  • Removable, reverse-ported, counter-bore muzzle break improves accuracy by reducing turbulence at the barrel exit
  • Three seizers (.688, .686, .683) with patented seamless connection, matches ball dimensions with barrel radius for optimal air efficiency
  • True spiral rifling provides scientifically proven rotation for accuracy and control gun-Drilled barrel improves accuracy through unmatched consistency in bore size



Rifling Spiral Rifling with Reverse Ported Muzzle Break
Material Aluminum 6061
Barrel Thread Choice of 98 Custom or A5
Customizable in Color No
Manufacture Hammerhead Paintball
Weight 1lb 4.6oz
Length 16"
Warranty 60 days
Sku 228-883

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Tippmann Straightline Barrel System

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