Tippmann 98 Platinum w/Flatline



The Tippmann 98 Platinum is more reliable, accurate, and customizable in design that is easier to maintain and modify. 98 Platinum features ACT or Anti-Chop Technology, which allows the front and rear bolts to work independently of each other to virtually eliminate chopping and improves ball accuracy with less barrel cleaning. This design maintains ball velocity ensuring a consistent and accurate shot every time. The Flatline Barrel System adds 100 feet of flat trajectory, without question the Flatline Barrel is the farthest shooting barrel system.


  • ACT Technology
  • Inline bolt system
  • Split receiver design for easier access to internal components for simplified installation of grip upgrades and modifications
  • Secure front sight spring and trigger pins for easier to service and reassemble
  • Easy-to-remove power tube design with self-sealing/locking gas line makes maintaining the marker quick and easy
  • Full depth pockets for ASA, which eliminates the need to loosen the ASA bolts when disassembling the marker
  • New barrel porting and a matte finish, which improves marker air efficiency and reduces reflective glare
  • Picatinny rails for easy accessory additions
  • Vertical front grip redesigned for improved ergonomic feel stability
  • Redesigned sling mount end cap, allows players to easily attach a variety of different sling styles
  • Stainless steel braided gas line
  • Durable matte finish

Additional Benefits:

  • .68 calibers
  • Semi-automatic
  • Compatible with CO2 or N2
  • 500+ shot per fill
  • 11+bps


Marker Type Mechanical
Caliber 68
Action Semi-automatic
Firing Rate 9+ bps
Operation Gas Blow Back
Operating Pressure 800 psi
Capable Gases C02 or HPA (compressed air)
Eyes No
Hose-less Operation No
Tool-less Bolt No
Trigger Stock Trigger
Feedneck Thread 98 Custom
Barrel Thread 98 Custom
Barrel Length 12"
Barrel Bore Size .689
Customizable in Color No
Model 98 Custom Platinum
Manufacture Tippmann
Weight 4lb
Length 22.5"
Warranty 1 Year
Sku 432-151
Case Included No

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Tippmann 98 Platinum w/Flatline

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