Smart Parts G-1 Tactical Rental Package



The Smart Parts G-1 Tactical Rental Package is an intermediate level package featuring the Smart Parts G-1 for tactical scenario game play, 20oz CO2 system, basic mask, basic loader and barrel sleeve.

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  • Smart Parts G-1
  • Basic mask
  • 20oz CO2 system
  • Basic loader
  • Barrel sleeve  

How it works:
There are 2 ways to rent from Dirty Works. Players can place orders via online right here, keeping in mind shipping time to your desired location. Standard ground ship time is 5 days however you can request faster shipping times including shipping overnight for Saturday’s based upon when you wish to receive your rental package. Those wanting to place orders via email or place a pre order for a specific date please click here and reference the instructions at the bottom of the page.

For additional information please visit Dirty Works Rental Service.



Create Custom Order Yes
Return Label Yes (if option selected)
Sign Required Yes (if option selected)
Ship Time Will ship today based on selected ship method
Pre Order Option Yes (email for pre order)
Ship Time for Pre Order Will ship based on desired date
Return Date Listed in Red on the receipt
Operational Instructions Included Yes
Return Shipping Instruction Included Yes
Rental Kit Serviced before Delivery Yes
Model G-1 Tactical Rental Package
Manufacture Varies
Sku 903-133R

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Smart Parts G-1 Tactical Rental Package

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