Smart Parts eNMEy



The Smart Parts eNMEy features a unique fully pneumatic design allowing the marker to operate without batteries. The eNMEY’s lightweight and durable design is very gentle on paint due to its spool valve design, which doesn’t produce recoil when firing. Maintenance is quick and easy with its bolt out back system and velocity is simplified with one screw on the vertical grip regulator.


  • CO2 Compatible,  integrated relief valve completely protects the valve components from pressure spikes
  • Improved heavy duty solenoid, features a metal reinforced housing, increased heat resistance, inline tube path, and metal screw threads
  • True pneumatic design with no metal on metal wear points, no sear, and no hammer
  • Regulated low pressure operation for a consistent operating pressure of 160 PSI through a vertical regulator
  • Spool valve design for speed and accuracy
  • Low force anti-chop allows for a bounce back from miss-fed paintballs reducing the chance of a break in the breech
  • Composite/Aluminum components
  • Electropheumatic Upgrade Path, Not to be confuse with “sear tripper” electronic grip frames for hammer and spring markers, the optional eNMEy electronic trigger upgrade provides true electropheumatic operation for increased rates of fire, more firing modes, and an even lighter trigger pull 

Additional Benefits:

  • No recoil
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Lightweight and durable design
  • Simple maintenance 



Marker Type Mechanical
Caliber 68
Action semi-automatic
Firing Rate 9+ bps
Operation Spool Valve
Operating Pressure 160 psi
Capable Gases C02 or HPA (compressed air)
Eyes No
Hose-less Operation No
Tool-less Bolt No
Trigger Stock Trigger
Feedneck Thread Ion
Barrel Thread Ion
Barrel Length 12"
Barrel Bore Size .693
Customizable in Color Yes
Model Enmey
Manufacture Gog Paintball
Weight 1lb 14.2oz
Length 16.5"
Warranty Lifetime
Sku 837-019
Case Included No

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Smart Parts eNMEy

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