Ninja Microbore Straightline w/ Slide Check



The Ninja Microbore Straightline remote systems feature new groundbreaking technology making them 33% thinner and lighter with a working pressure of 4500PSI. The 42” Microbore Remote is still flexible enough to be routed through a players gear for a more streamlined connection. Slide Check Technology allows you to cut off air flow to the marker, degassing it at the ASA while to air-line remains charged making it a fast and easy way to disconnect between games.


  • 33% lighter and thinner
  • Extremely flexible 42” hose
  • 4500PSI working pressure
  • ASA adapter and slide check technology
  • Degasses marker and stops flow in hose
  • Compatible any CO2 and air system


Type Straightline
Quick Release Yes
Model Microbore
Manufacture Ninja
Length 42"
Warranty 1 Year
Sku 303-012

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Ninja Microbore Straightline w/ Slide Check