Mokal Aura-Red



Aura is a great choice for intermediate athletes looking for a durable clean marker. Mokal designs its products using the best technology on the market. The Aura uses the inline bolt system consists of a spool controlled by a direct operated solenoid valve. The movable part of the spool glides on self-lubricating material, which eliminates the need to use special grease like other spool type bolts. The low operating pressure and built in air cushion minimize recoil while firing. Aura comes with solenoid valve that shifts a spool directly. Unlike pilot operated valves these are high speed and very robust. The simple design allows easy maintenance. Mokal designed they’re valves to be very compact with a large flow capacity. Most pilot operated valves have a maximum pressure rating of 120 PSI. Although the Aura operates at less than 170 PSI, our direct operating valve can operate at pressures up to 400 PSI, giving the marker a comfortable safety margin. The result is an extremely durable valve system.


  • Incline bolt system
  • Low pressure valve system: allows Aura to operate at 150 PSI
  • Low force spring: allows the use of more fragile paintballs
  • Lower mass internals: reduces recoil
  • Self-lubricating delrin bolt with quick release pin: prevents paintballs from going back into the bolt
  • Sealed breach: prevents gas from escaping into the feed tube
  • Break beam sensor: located low in the breach to ensure paintballs have dropped completely into the breach before firing
  • Dual spring loaded ball detents
  • Integrated adjustable pressure regulator with built in swivel mounting
  • Low profile clamping feed neck that accommodates all loader
  • Handle frame equipped with universal mounting system that allows you to connect dovetail and ¾” pitch bottom lines or drop forwards
  • On/Off bottom line with purging feature for easy tank removal
  • High-pressure macro line hose
  • Adjustable trigger with magnetic return
  • 5 firing modes include: Semi auto up to 25 BPS, 3 shot burst at 10 BPS, full auto at 10 BPS. Two ramping modes, NPPL and PSP firing modes with tournament lock switch
  • Convenient display mode, eye function and alarms through the LED panel on the rear of the grip frame

Additional Benefits:

  • Come with 12” ported barrel (autococker threads)
  • Comes with hex keys and small spare parts kit
  • Operates on CO2, compressed air or Nitrogen
  • Made from high grade 6061 aluminum
  • Adjustable rate of fire
  • Battery Included


Marker Type Electronic
Caliber 68
Action 5 different firing modes
Firing Rate 20+ bps
Operation Inline Bolt
Operating Pressure 170-400 psi
Capable Gases HPA (compressed air)
Eyes Yes
Hose-less Operation Yes
Tool-less Bolt Yes
Trigger Stock Trigger
Barrel Thread Autococker
Barrel Length 12"
Customizable in Color Yes
Model Aura
Manufacture Mokal
Weight with Batteries 1lb 10.6oz
Length 18.5"
Warranty 1 Year
Sku 156-678
Batteries Included Yes
Case Included No

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Mokal Aura-Red

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