MacDev Gold Clone Bolt



The MacDev Gold Clone Bolt evenly distributes air pressure giving your marker a smoother shot and less chance of breaking paint. This bolt features new technology allowing for increased firing efficiency including anit-clip geometry when firing fragile paint.


  • New Anti-Clip Geometry- This feature allows you to fire more fragile paintballs by ensuring that the paintball being loaded does not contact any hard part of the bolt, only the soft rubber tip O-ring. This means you cannot break a ball in the breach due to bolt clipping.
  • Increased Firing Valve Efficiency- The new gold bolt uses a special geometry to achieve higher firing valve efficiency. This high efficiency saves you air by using less pressure each shot, and gives a smoother, quieter action.
  • Backward Compatibility- The Clone gold bolt, is 100% backwards compatible with the popular Droid model - so you can enjoy the new features with either the Droid marker or the new Clone model. 


Manufacture MacDev
Weight 0.6oz
Warranty 30 days
Sku 221-555

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MacDev Gold Clone Bolt

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