Hybrid Mummy Frame- Black



Replacement Hybrid Mummy grip frame.

Dirty Works is proud to partner with Bob Long in the release of its legacy product. Our goal is to make their product more accessible for players to acquire. Additional products will be placed on our website in stages; which we will announce via social media and our website. For specific parts, accessories, bodies, etc. not seen in categories please contact support@dirtyworks.com.

For customers looking to get custom body/ frame designs or custom design services please contact: designservices@dirtyworks.com.



Manufacture Bob Long
Warranty None
Sku 461-889

Customer Reviews

Inconsistent marketing of products, but what you get is quality nonetheless. 

Review Yelo
Aside from the raw trigger pin screwhole and the fact that there's no trigger or pin with this frame (hey, they're pictured and the frame isn't even pictured with the on/off button pad but it has that included) makes it way more of a gyp.

If this was a $30+/-5 product, I'd easy give it all fives. The product's in great condition otherwise so I'm definitely not returning it. Just slightly disappointed considering everything else I ordered came as pictured as well.

I probably won't buy another frame, but I'd definitely buy things that are complete in/of itself such as the ASAs and Regulators from these guys! (Posted on 1/18/2017)

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Hybrid Mummy Frame- Black

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