Hammerhead Battle Stikxx- Fin Combo

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Hammerhead barrels are the most advanced paintball barrel in the industry today. Gun-drilled from solid aluminum bar stock, not tubing due to the need to hold extremely tight tolerances, Hammerhead produces the finest quality barrel possible. Manufactured to exacting tolerances for accuracy, sound displacement, and weight; each barrel is carefully milled, micro-honed and polished to ensure these tolerances do not deviate from engineering parameters.

The Hammerhead Battle Stikxx is a recon military style 14” rifled barrel that can be used in both woods and scenario style of play. Muzzles are interchangeable between Bang Stikxx and Battle Stikxx.


  • Choice of muzzle: BangStikxx, M16 Snaggle Tooth, or M-50
  • 14” Length
  • Rifled
  • Gun-Drilled
  • Micro Honed
  • Counter Bored
  • Reverse Ported
  • Accepts Shroud




Rifling Yes
Reverse Ported Muzzle Yes
Material Aluminum
Fin Material Aluminum
Fin Sizes .679, .683, .686, .688, .690, .693
Customizable in Color No
Manufacture Hammerhead
Length 14"
Warranty 30 days
Sku 798-545
Fin Included Yes
Muzzle Included Yes
Barrel Case Included No

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Hammerhead Battle Stikxx- Fin Combo

Muzzle Select

Muzzle Type

  • Battlestikxx
  • Bangstikxx
  • M16 Snaggle
  • M-50

Fin Style

Fin Size

  • .679
  • .683
  • .686
  • .688
  • .690

Thread Style

  • A5/ X7
  • Alpha
  • Angel A1
  • Autococker
  • BT4/A5
  • Cocker
  • ION
  • Spyder
  • Tipp 98
  • TM7/TM15

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