Enola Gaye WPPG Paint Grenade



Enola Gaye Field Paint Grenade is constructed entirely from paper with enough paint to effect an area of 5 meters or 16.5 feet! Designed to mimic military grenades the Field Paint Grenade is complete biodegradeable.

Please Note: These products are for professional users only. For paintball/ airsoft fields or other professional users looking to purchase these products please email: support@dirtyworks.com.


  • Fuse delay 5 seconds
  • Filled with red paint
  • Range of about 5 meters or 16.5 feet


Customizable in Color No
Ignition Type Wire Pull
Fuse Delay 4-5 seconds
Effect Area 5 Meters or 16.5 Feet
Approved Use Paintball/ Airsoft Fields, Military, Specail Forces, Police, Professionals
Manufacture Enola Gaye
Warranty None
Sku 900-100

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Enola Gaye WPPG Paint Grenade

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